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Day 7 - Naked 3 palette review

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Hello beauties!

Today I'm bringing you a review of the new-ish Naked 3 eyeshadow palette! And I know, this is probably the 100-th review that you've seen, but it's always nice to get everyone's opinions on a much-anticipated and long-awaited product that has taken over the beauty blogosphere. This eyeshadow palette is the 3rd edition to Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palettes range, and mostly consists of rosy and pinky hues. It retails at £37, and can be bought at Debenhams or House of Fraser. The palette also comes with 4 of Urban Decay's eye primer potions, so you can get the full effect of the palette.

So the palette consists of 12 new and shiny colours: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart. In true Urban Decay fashion, all of these new shades are suitably labelled with fun and interesting names. My favourite shades must have be Strange, Liar, and Mugshot. The palette also comes with a double ended brush, one with a thin end and another fluffy end. It's actually a great addition, and the thin end can be used for eyebrows too. The case is hardy, and protects the shadow: I actually took this palette on holiday recently, and it survived being bashed around in my bag and suitcase. The large mirror allows for on-the-go application too, and is a very nice addition.

Likes - this is such a nice palette, and for the price it is I didn't expect anything less. The detail of the hard casing, brush, and mirror all emphasise that this is not your ordinary drugstore product. I like the range of colours, and the addition of eye primer too. There are also lots of finishes, from glittery to matte. The rosy shades would definitely suit pale skintones!

Dislikes - I think £37 is a little pricey for a eyeshadow palette, but at the price you pay, you do get quality. Some of the shades (notably Dust) have glitter fall out so your eye can look like a glittered mess. The matte shades are lovely, but Limit and Nooner are quite similar once applied (I've found anyway). The palette is quite neutral, and day and night looks can be created easily by using the colours. Some of the shades don't translate onto the skin as they look in the palette, so I'd consider looking at some swatches before dedicating yourself to buying it.

I know it seems I've listed more bad than good, but it is a very nice rosy and neutral palette. I would suggest properly having a look at the shades, and thinking about how much usage you'd get from it. It is pricey at £37, but it is an investment as the pigmentation and colours are amazing!

Do you own the Naked 3? Do you have any of the other Naked palettes? Would you consider buying Naked 3 if you haven't already?

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