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Day 4 | 2014 & Resolutions

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Hello beauties!

Before anything, I'd like to profusely apologise for my somewhat hiatus and falling off the blogging radar for a couple of months. My excuse? I don't really have a reasonable excuse in all honesty, I've just been slacking in having motivation for writing and just general blogging muse. I've just been focusing on school work and extra-curricular (piano exam, I'm talking about you!) recently, and haven't found the time to blog. Sorry to leave you guys in the dark! So I guess this is my first post of 2014. As cliché as it might sound, new year, new (blogger) me..?

So a short summary of the past whirlwind months for me: it was my birthday in November, and I also sat an English GCSE exam (it was brutal, trust me). My lovely parents bought me a Nikon DSLR camera for my birthday, which I have been trying to record my life in photos with since. I've survived another year, along with a very jolly Christmas to boot! And to round off the year, I spent New Years Eve with some of my favourite people having an amazing party-popping end to 2013. I know this year will be packed with all the ups and downs of life (hopefully more good things than bad!). I've pledged to become a better blogger, and to post regularly. And without further ado, my resolutions...

1. Live a healthier life - Now this may seem like a resolution that is just there for the sake of it, but what I really want to achieve this year is a life both physically and mentally healthier. So I will try to open myself to more opportunities; optimism and just saying 'yes'. It's crazy how one word can change your perspective on life, but it's a word not used enough these days. I'm also trying to eat healthier: do I really want that mouth-watering, golden Crunchier bar? Of course I do... not!

2. Use my new camera - I want to capture all of the memories this year, and have an extensive collection of '2014 memories' at the end of it. I know I will look back in 2, 3 years time and remember all the good times I had. I also want to take better pictures for my blog, some of you may have noticed the blog changes (which are still under progress) and this is just the beginning. I'm going to try and post more tutorials/reviews with my face (I've noticed last year I had no make-up tutorials or reviews, oops!) so look out for that. Plus, who doesn't love a good make-up selfie?!

3. Be more active - I have (maybe naïvely) thrown myself into the deep end on this one. I want to be more active in exercising, blogging, and also schoolwork, and helping out. I've decided that I will get a part time job, so I can have my own money and have more control of my finances. Hopefully I can help my parents pay for some things, and also buy new shiny products for myself to review and blog about on here! This has always been paramount for me: not relying on my parents too heavily for money or overspending. I'm sending my CV out as we speak, and hopefully I'll get a reply! Nothing better than buying something with money you've worked hard for yourself. I want to start writing down ideas for blog posts (I have a new notepad specifically for this!) and actually completing them too!

Thank you for reading, my lovelys! I hope you haven't abandoned me just yet; don't worry, I have some exciting posts planned for 2014. To round off, I wish you guys a Happy New Year!

What are your New Year's resolutions? What do you want to see me post? Comment below!

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Iqra on 6 January 2014 at 21:32 said...

Happy New Year!
Lovely to see you posting again :D
and great resolutions, I hope you achieve them all ^_^ you're so lucky getting gifted a camera! I just bought one today but will be on a strict spending ban for a while after this haha.
Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

Amy Samantha Baker on 19 January 2014 at 19:45 said...

Hiya! I love your blog and i've nominated you for the 'Liebster award'! I have all the information about it in my blog post here : ( i know it sounds it but no this is not a virus link haha!) - Amy x x x

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