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Day 3 | Real Techniques Core Collection (& dupe) review

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Hello beauties!

Today I'm writing a review about my beloved Real Techniques Core Collection (plus my Buffing brush dupe). I read the blog post by Beautiful Solutions here. Please check out her amazing blog! I definitely don't regret buying the dupe - all the links are in her blog post!

Day 3 - Real Techniques Core Collection (& dupe)

First impressions I had read a lot of reviews about this brush collection, so I did not hesitate to buy in when Boots had it on offer! The brushes are made from Taklon fibres, which means these are animal cruelty free since they are synthetic. Another bonus of these fibres is that they are more hygienic due to the smoother surface (bacteria and other nasties can't cling onto them as easy). Taklon is also meant to be a substitute for sable fur!

Detailer brush Personally, I don't use this brush as much as I should! It's the perfect tiny brush for concealer, lipstick or to use to blend eyeshadow. It's quite a stiff brush, so I suggest not being too harsh if you are using it to blend eyeshadow: the Real Techniques Starter Set does a much better job!

Pointed foundation brush This brush is also a nifty brush for foundation. It is quite a dense brush and pointed to get into the hard-to-get places of the face. My foundation goes on with quite full coverage using this brush, and even then I prefer to use the buffing brush over the top. I can imagine this brush being good for mousse foundations or powder-to-cream foundations. I have tried to use it with blusher (I mean, who doesn't like multi-functional brushes?!) but it picks up quite a lot of product so I had to tap the excess off and blend well! All in all, it is a nice brush but I prefer the buffing brush for my liquid foundation. This is my staple brush for blending in my concealer, as it is feather-like and easy to manipulate.

Contour brush I cannot express my love for this brush! It is so so so soft and tapered to allow perfect contouring of the face. I've never owned a brush like this, I definitely think it's quality and ease of use is unique to the contouring market (or maybe I live under a rock!). Picks up the bronzer perfectly, and it is good for blending too. I also have used this brush for blusher before, and it fits nicely onto my cheeks. It is tapered all the way around the brush, with slight slants on both sides to fit nicely in the hollows of your cheeks. I love using this brush with my Sleek Contour Kit!

Buffing brush This brush is absolutely amazing for liquid foundation! I actually understood the rave about this brush once I had used it for two days in a row. It left me a flawless finish on the skin with just the right amount of foundation to cover my blemishes. The fibres picked up the foundation nicely, and I did not lose too much product in the brush - bonus! It is also very soft, and doesn't irritate the skin as some brushes can. It is perfect as it makes my foundation look seamless. I wish Real Techniques sold this brush separately for a spare!

Buffing brush dupe
On the left, it is the real Buffing brush. On the right, it is the dupe with the slightly curved handle. Aesthetically, the only difference is that the handle is clearly a different shape and a lighter gold colour. The fibres also are a bit paler, and the top white tips of the brush is more uneven than the real thing. I bought the dupe from eBay (the link is on Beautiful Solutions dupe post!). I think the dupe is a lot more dense, and it is more like a mix between the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the Expert Face Brush. The fibres are still very, very soft and a good, cheap alternative to buying the whole collection for the Buffing Brush. I've experienced no hair fall-out yet, even after a wash! The quality is surprisingly good, for the price I paid (£2.57 I think!). I like to use the dupe as a spare for when my brushes are drying, or needing a wash. The only downside is probably the time it took to deliver: I paid for it on eBay and it didn't arrive until 2 1/2 weeks later when I nearly forgot that I ordered it! Nevertheless, it is a fabulous brush as a spare, and it definitely applies make-up very much similar to the real Buffing Brush. I'd still suggest getting the whole Real Techniques Core Collection, the Contour, Pointed Foundation, and Detailer brush - it works out at around £5 a brush anyway.

The link to buy the Real Techniques Core Collection for only £16.29 and free delivery to the UK: Real Techniques Core Collection (2013)
The link to Beautiful Solutions, where you can find the dupe blog post: Beautiful Solutions

Thank you for reading lovelies! Hopefully it's helped you make up your mind about the Real Techniques Core Collection, and also made you aware of the Buffing Brush dupe!

So which is your favourite brush? Do you think you'll be tempted to buy the dupe?

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Day 2 | The Autumn Tag

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Hello beauties!

This is my first tag, and my second post ever! I am loving blogging and getting to know the community - you are all so welcoming and kind and all simply amazing people. Before I go off on a tangent, let me continue with the Autumn tag...

Day 2 - The Autumn Tag
Autumn is truly one of the most gorgeous seasons: crisp, copper leaves and the cuddly warmth as you return home from the chilly outdoors. Bonfires, sweeping leaves off the drive, hot chocolates... So let's start! I was tagged by the lovely and b-e-a-u-tiful Katie, I dare you to check out her blog now!

For Autumn, what is your ...
1. Favourite thing about it ? Being able to wrap up warm in cute scarves, hats and fluffy jumpers for sure!

2. Favourite drink ? Definitely has to be Whittard Luxury White Hot Chocolate. It is absolutely heavenly on a rainy day and more-ish! Makes a creamy and smooth drink, I suggest you snap it up before they're sold out this year - plus at £5.50 for a tub makes it definitely worth it!

3. Favourite scent/candle ? I would have to say the Ikea TINDRA apple scented candles! These are lush, and give off an apple scent, very suitable for apple-picking season.

4. Best lipstick ? Rimmel Lasting Finish shade 107 by Kate Moss is a lovely deep plum and rosy colour. I apply a lip balm on top (Burt's Bees) to keep my lips from getting chapped, which gives me a subtle sheen. 107 is a gorgeous shade for Autumn!

5. Go-to moisturiser ? Autumn is all about gradually changing your skin-care routine in preparation for winter. I use L'Occitane Extra-Gentle body and hand lotion: you can definitely feel it hydrating your skin. It leaves it feeling silky smooth. It is a bit pricey, especially on student budget! I was fortunate enough to get my bottle as a gift from a friend, and I wouldn't mind saving pennies for a new bottle. This moisturiser definitely fits into the cliché of "a little goes a long way".

6. Go-to colours for the eyes ? I love a good neutral eyeshadow look for every season, but in Autumn I tend to mix it up a touch. My MUA Undressed me too (I will do a review about this!) has some lovely umber, amber and copper colours, which have a golden shimmer. I like to apply a tiny bit of copper colour on my eyelid and blend a darker mauve or brown closer to my lash line. Love my MUA palette!

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to ? I am absolutely loving the new Arctic Monkeys album 'AM'. Heaven to my ears!

8. Favourite outfit to wear (i.e boots & a scarf combo) ? A warm, knitted jumper over a patterned casual shirt, paired with plain leggings and lace-up boots. Add a matching scarf and beanie hat - viola!

9. Autumn treat ? (i.e a new scarf or bag you have your eye on) So I'm loving the tartan print this season and especially the variations of forest greens. I love the tartan scarves and I'm currently wanting the tartan scarf from H&M (only £10! Oh, how I love H&M!). I'm also loving the boyfriend coats at Topshop, such a classic look.

10 . Favourite place to be ? I love the park in the Autumn, so it will have to be a bench overlooking the lake. I love looking and photographing the leaves and taking them home too - no leaf is ever the same in Autumn!

So what's your favourite thing in Autumn? Or favourite autumn past-time?

I'm tagging:
Charlotte at Makeup by Candlelight
Lindsey at Fair Maquillage
Mollie Jess at Mollie Jess

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 1 | What's in my make up bag (& first post)

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Hello beauties!

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself and my blog:  I'm new to this, so if it's bad I apologize in advance!

I'm an average teen living in the UK, where it is raining 99% of the time - wait, that's a lie. I'd say 49% of the time in between heat waves and snow storms! I've been reading make-up and beauty blogs for a long time now, but I've never taken the leap to create my own. A good friend encouraged me to start my own, and I thought to myself, "Why not?". I wanted to blog to mainly join the blogging community, have some fun, and make some new friends along the way. Even if I have one reader, I'll still keep blogging (that's a promise!). Plus, I'm probably the only person named 'Runzhi' you will ever meet. My parents kept it original.

So, my brand-spanking new blog and first post is halfway done. I will always be trying to improve my blog, any comments or tips are always appreciated!

Day 1 - What's in my make-up bag?

Primark Floral make-up bag
I absolutely adore my make-up bag. It was a complete bargain at only £2! It is a perfect travel size and fits most of my make-up essentials. The floral pattern isn't too bold, and I like all the little flowers. Plus, at £2, who can argue with that?! This was a Spring 2013 purchase, so I'm not quite sure if Primark are still stocking these.

No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation
This is my all-time favourite foundation! I am so glad that I got my skin tone matched at the counter - we all dread that tango'd look! The foundation definitely matches my natural skin tone, and I find that it is long-wearing and doesn't oxidise on my skin. I have combination skin (oily T-zone and dry cheeks) so this worked well in keeping me matte over the summer. I'd say it is medium-to-full coverage, and it can be a bit drying in the winter. Normally when it gets colder, I use a moisturiser underneath, or even mixed in as a D.I.Y home-made BB cream.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light
Probably one of the most raved about concealers online! And at a price of £4.19, even I cannot deny that I have been hooked on this concealer. It covers all the blemishes that need covering, and it blends effortlessly into the skin. Easy application and blend-ability makes this concealer a must-have! On some days, I like to wear this under my eyes and on blemishes with a sprinkle of transparent powder on top as a natural base instead of foundation.

Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara
This has to be my favourite mascara ever! I always use an eye-lash curler before to curl my lashes (tip: heat the curlers to have extra curly and defined lashes!). I love the packaging for it, but also how defined it leaves my lashes looking. The product is very rich, and leaves your lashes with a proper high-definition finish. Personally, it gives just the right amount for natural looking luscious lashes. I love all Max Factor products, but this has to be my ultimate favourite. To finish, I use a clean spoolie to separate my lashes and remove any clumps.

MUA Bubblegum Blusher
MUA is a brand that I recently discovered when I saw a stand in my local Superdrug. It is definitely very affordable (this blush cost me only £1 - bargain!) and good quality too. I was a bit sceptical at first, and wasn't expecting much. MUA definitely proved me wrong! It is super pigmented and leaves a lovely coral and rosy glow. Even though I prefer to wear it in summer, it leaves a healthy glow for the colder months.

Real Techniques Core Collection
I love, love, love my Real Techniques Core Collection. After reading many reviews about how awesome it is, I finally saved up enough pennies to buy it. And it's definitely something I do not regret. But you don't need me to tell you how amazing it is though, do you? I also have a Buffing brush dupe that cost less than £2 from eBay, which is included in my Day 3 post. The dupe serves as a spare for when my real brush is drying.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been fun to read! I've not posted about all my make-up products, but I will do other posts about them. It has without a doubt been fun to write this! Keep tuned into my blog - trust me, there is still plenty more to come!

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